Currently, the world is experiencing a shortage of onions. As a result of the previous very dry summer in Europe, access to it is very limited. In the USA, the situation is very similar due to the rain. China, using this situation, exports large quantities of onions to Europe - Kyrgyzstan is also trying to get as much market as possible.

In the Netherlands, small harvests have caused prices to be extremely high, and stocks are much smaller. New Zealand, Chilean, Argentine, South African and Egyptian onions will soon enter the European market to compensate for the shortage. Currently, demand from foreign destinations is moving to Europe. In this whole situation, the winners are Italians who have similar crops as in previous years. Thanks to the high price they gain a lot on this situation.

"Prices start at 0.25 euro / kg for white and 0.30 euro for red, which of course applies to the best-quality onion and quality."


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FH Trade controls the sales and transport of all products; from peeler to its customers. This is in close cooperation with other factories in Poland. FH Trade is responsible for its agronomy and the production of its peeled products. Through the close cooperation, FH Trade knows exactly what happens in the Polish and West-European market.

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