The price has doubled. The quality of onion is quite good, although it is not large. The problem is currently in availability. Supply is lower than demand, but prices are "correct" and regularly show a growing trend. In contrast to last year, when the price was 150 euros per tonne, now it is 350 euros per ton. This is a good year for the French.


In contrast to other European regions in Spain harvests were good - there was a lot of it and good quality.

The demand for Spanish onions is very large. Traders began importing onions from New Zealand, South America and South Africa to be able to meet demand. Exporters are somewhat concerned about the closing of the Senegalese border for Dutch onions, because Senegal is an important market for them. Under these circumstances, Spanish traders are afraid of surplus Dutch bulbs in Europe (next season).

Considering this year's results, it is planned to extend the area. This first early onion is already 10% higher than last year. The harvest of these fields begins in April / May. In the case of medium and late onions it is still too early to have information


In central Germany, local crops in the field end. Onions will be available (yellow and red) by mid-March, then will be imported for a month from the Netherlands. "From the middle of April onions are imported from New Zealand and remain on the market until the beginning of the German season." By the beginning of this month, the onions in the warehouse remained good. "Now we see the effects of a dry, hot summer because the product is aging faster than normal." there is no worries about the lack of onions, the price of 48 euros per 100 kilograms is well above average.


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