We can send you the offer of conducting a zero audit to evaluate the existing system and documentation, also to provide you with the recognition of the company’s needs.
We will help you to set up HACCP and BRC documentation and implement these systems.
We will advise you in matters concerning planning, improvement and realization of preventive actions.
We will support you  to pursue good quality assurance and safety of supplied products.


HACCP is an English abbreviation for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. It is a systematic procedure to ensure quality and food safety by identifying and evaluating the critical points in the process. An HACCP system is obligatory from legal point of view.

Advantages of implementing HACCP system:

Standard BRC Agents & Brokers  is an initiative for companies which are not food producers or Packaging manufacturers. But participating in the food chain through:

The purpose of the standard is to help companies and customers to meet the legal requirements for quality and food safety.

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