More and more industry and non-industry portals describe the situation on the vegetable market and the onion market itself. As we can read, Polish producers who have invested in the irrigation system now have golden ages. Onions are less on the market, and at the same time its price is higher. Prices per kilo at the producer's average is PLN 1.38 compared to PLN 0.60 in 2017. The CSO states that onion production can be about 12% lower.

Statistics say that the area of ​​cultivation is on average 25-26 thousand. hectares, collections 650 thousand tone. Meanwhile, the average consumption of onions falls 5.4 kg per person per year - it is 0.2 - 0.3 kg lower than a few years ago. Probably due to the price this year, a reduction is planned. It should be emphasized that our vegetable is quite stable. Poland exports 120,000 tons, imports 50 thousand tone. The whole, however, may be apparent - larger players may push smaller ones out of the market due to the requirement of irrigation investments. Not everyone can afford such an investment, so the weaker players just get out of the market or disguise. The risk in this industry is increasing.


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