Weather in the Netherlands and in Europe.

The weather calmed down and the temperature finally dropped. However, some countries are preparing for another hot wave. Currently, the air flows from the Sahara to Europe which causes the worst heat wave in many countries since the infamous summer of 2003. Countries: France, Spain, Portugal and even Germany expect record temperatures. Belgium and the south of the Netherlands also have to prepare for very high rates on thermometers. Arcen, a village north of Venlo, is even preparing for a regional heat wave.

In the north of the Netherlands is much cooler because the wind comes from the west and brings colder air from the North Sea. The combination of sun and warm air provides exceptionally high temperatures of up to 40 degrees.

Price of onions in the Netherlands:

The Netherlands begins harvesting onions with a good price of € 0.20 (from the farmer) winter seeds - Troy. For the early Jagro and Jetset varieties, prices will be at € 0.15 / kg next week.


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