FH Trade Day of the Dymka in Kujawy

Good condition of onion plantation with green onions. Uncertain crops of onions from sowing in Poland. A significant increase in the onion area in the Netherlands. The specificity of the Chinese and English market - these are some of the issues discussed on the Day of Dymka in Kujawy.

On 28 June in Kujawy, in Kobylnica, FH Trade from Poznań organized - on the field of Wojciech Chwalisz - Dymki Day. The owner of the company Jan Gerrit Feil briefly presented the producers FH TRADE Sp. z o. o., which has been present on the vegetable market since 2001. The main objects of the company's activity include wholesale and retail trade in vegetables, in particular fresh and frozen onions, as well as consulting and consultancy services in the field of cultivation and production (peeling) of onions, implementation and maintenance of BRC and HACCP quality systems. The company also offers to producers of spring onions.

The Dymka Day in Kobylnica was a good opportunity to inspect the plantation of Sthuron onion, which was founded from the Fairy Tales from fraction 14-17 provided by FH Trade. 1.5 tons were planted on 1 ha. The weather allowed the balloon to be blown up on March 28. During the inspection, the plants were in very good condition and the heads of onions had a diameter of over 5 cm. Jan Gerrit Feil pointed out that the company FH Trade provides a Dymka with phytosanitary certificates confirming its high healthiness, when signing the contract does not require payment for planting material in spring, you can settle this amount when you leave the product within the prescribed period after harvesting onions.

A significant part of the meeting was devoted to discussing the onion market situation in Poland and other countries. Jan Gerrit Feil, as he is the Dutch handed over, among others many valuable information about us in the country of "windmills". He reported that the preliminary results of Census of Agriculture 2019 CBS indicate that the wheat, onion and potato cultivation area increased in 2019 in the Netherlands. The areas of wheat and onions increased by about 9, and the area of potatoes was increased by more than 2 percent. Cultivation of barley and sugar beet fell simultaneously. Onions are increasingly popular cultivation in the Dutch fields. Its area has been growing for years. The area of onion will increase this year by almost 10 percent compared to 2018. The area currently has a record size of 27,840 ha. This is twice as much as in 2000 - said Jan Gerrit Feil. Weather conditions are currently favorable for the growth of onions, it is initially estimated that the Dutch will break the record this season, producing as many as 1.5 million onions.

Jan Gerrit Feil said that one should watch closely what is going on in the Chinese market. In this country a lot of onions are produced and it can also flow to Europe. A drawback of the goods from this region is the taste of onions (less "onion" than a European consumer is used to) and logistical problems. In turn, a high chance of exporting, among others for Polish onions, it gives the British market, where each year there is a significant shortage of goods - emphasized the owner of the FH Trade company.

Marcin Bartczak

Source - article created by e-warzywnictwo.pl and translated by FH Trade: http://e-warzywnictwo.pl/index.php/dzien-dymki-fh-trade-na-kujawach_18216.html

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