According to EastFruit, major changes in the onion market have been observed this week in Central Asia. Products fell slightly in Uzbekistan, and farmers in Tajikistan managed to slightly raise prices. In other countries covered by regular project monitoring, the market situation has not changed.

Onion prices from the end of December 2019

In Uzbekistan, the onion price range increased due to the reduction of the minimum price to 14 cents per kg, while the maximum number on the market remained the same - 18 cents per kg. Nevertheless, the average price of onions on the Uzbek market is still 60% higher than at the beginning of November, when the prices of these products began to rise. Meanwhile, in Tajikistan, onion prices have risen again to 17-20 cents per kg, and are already 73% above the rates from early November this year, when prices on the Tajik market also began to rise. On the other hand, local farmers expect a further positive onion price trend and are not in a hurry to sell their products.

In the meantime, due to the increase in the supply of low-quality products in the Russian Federation, the minimum price of onions has fallen again. At the end of the week, these products could be bought from 15 cents per kg, and in the maximum price limits, as before, reached 26 cents per kg. An even wider range was recorded on the Belarusian market: 14-29 cents per kg. On the contrary, in Ukraine, onions were offered in a narrower range from 22 cents per kg to 26 cents per kg.

In Poland, farmers, as before, sold onions in the amount of 23-29 cents per kg, and prices of products imported from the Netherlands ranged from 31-36 cents per kg. The most expensive onion was offered on the markets of Moldova and Georgia. In the first, prices reached 35 cents per kg, and in the second they reached 38 cents per kg within the maximum limits.


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