The highest onion prices in India cause a lot of confusion. Prices have increased several times - the price of a kilo of onions increased to 100 rupees ($ 1.40) from 20 rupees last month.

This is the highest price recorded in the last 72 years! Interestingly, the onion becomes such a valuable commodity that it is stolen - in Maharashtra the transport was emptied of 40 tons of onions (equivalent to USD 30,000).

People involved in the theft have been caught, but they are still looking for a product that has been hidden. Similar cases have been reported in several stores - there is a situation where thieves prefer to steal onions while they are not even interested in cash registers. Prices are caused by summer rainfall that hit India. The government has banned exports and is currently only being imported.

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FH Trade controls the sales and transport of all products; from peeler to its customers. This is in close cooperation with other factories in Poland. FH Trade is responsible for its agronomy and the production of its peeled products. Through the close cooperation, FH Trade knows exactly what happens in the Polish and West-European market.

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