"The blackthorn winter, cold gardeners " - this is a climatic phenomenon characteristic of Central Europe. In mid-May, after a period of barricidal boom over Central and Eastern Europe (including Poland), atmospheric circulation changes and cold air flows in from polar regions. The analysis of the data showed that in the period from 10 to 17 May, there was a significant cooling, by as much as 34%. 

According to proverbs and folk observations, this period is the last days of spring frosts. The cold may increase these days, but after that it should no longer harm plants, including our onion crops. 

Similar terms for cold days in May are also found in other European countries: Ijsheiligen (Netherlands May 11-15), Eisheiligen (Germany, May 11-15), Saints de glace (France, May 11-13), Trije ledeni možje and Poscana Zofka (Slovenia, May 11-15). 

And what about our regular suppliers? In subsequent editions, photos from Poland and the Netherlands. 

Below are pictures of spring onions, from Ciążeń (Greater Poland) in Poland. 

Thank you for sharing photos! Grow healthy and round :)

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