The Netherlands is on its way to record exports and onion prices will jump even higher?

According to Erik Waterman, according to an article posted on the e-vegetable portal, onion exports will be in full swing in the coming months. Interestingly, Africa is strongly interested in buying onions 🤔 Moreover, countries such as Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and other Asian countries want to buy onions.

An analysis of the prices of yellow-skinned onions on several exchanges in the Netherlands, and until recently the Netherlands shows that its value is growing. Quotations from the Emmeloord exchange on October 15 for both the smaller fraction (share of large onions <30%) and the coarser one (share of large onions 30-60%) gave the price level of EUR 11/100 kg (on October 8 it was EUR 10/100 kg). In Middenmeer, onion prices also rose on October 14th compared with the listing on October 7th. For example, for a thick onion on this exchange, on October 7, the price was EUR 12/100 kg and on October 14, EUR 2/100 kg more. The price of the onion on the stock exchange in Goes went up the most, by as much as EUR 2.25 / 100 kg. Here, the vegetable was offered at EUR 16/100 kg.

Erik Waterman of Waterman Onions, in an interview with freshplaza, notes that the Netherlands is on track to achieve this season's onion export record.

In week 39, almost 40,000 tons of onions left the country of windmills. Waterman Onions currently operates three shifts, 24 hours a day, six days a week. The exporter reports that the prices of Dutch producers are rapidly approaching 0.20 EUR / kg for goods from the warehouse. The prices of sorted onions are up to 0.23 euro/kg. Erik believes onion exports will be in full swing in the coming months. Africa is strongly interested in vegetables. In addition, countries such as Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and others from Asia also want to buy onions at the moment.

You can read about the whole situation at this link 👉,71,artykul,1,5654.

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