If you ever wake up in the morning and start to wonder what the health benefits of onions are, we are already rushing to you with the answer 😎. Of course, we present only some of them and in the near future we will share other curiosities, not only health ones 😊.

What does onion contain and how valuable is this element 🧐:

👉 Vitamin C:
• Regulates blood pressure
• Vitamin C contained in onions also affects the mood, supports the secretion of oxytocin: a hormone closely related to the nervous system, which plays a large role in the perception of emotions and resistance to stress.
• Helps to maintain healthy gums

👉 Vitamin K:
• Plays an important role in bone calcification
• Important role in blood clotting (faster healing wounds)
• Vitamin K deficiency can lead to osteoporosis
• Analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect
• It has been proven that it can also inhibit the growth of cancer
👉 Phosphorus:
• It is a mineral element responsible for strong and healthy bones and teeth
• Ensures proper functioning of the kidneys and heart

👉 Sulfur:
• Has anti-inflammatory properties
• An element used in the treatment of rheumatic diseases

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