Due to recent changes in temperature, we'd like to share with you some interesting information about the effect of onion on immunity 🧅.

As you well know from our last post regarding trivia, onions contain selenium, sulphur compounds, zinc, and vitamin C in their composition. These are nutrients that support immunity. Below we delve deeper into each of them:

👉 Vitamin C: stimulates the production of interferon, which works antiviral.

👉 Zinc: is a micronutrient that positively affects the immune system. His job is to create and accelerate the ripening of T-cellular lymphocytes that are responsible for the immune response.

👉 Sulfur compounds: they have bactericidal and fungicidal properties, they also stimulate the production of antibodies that mobilize the body to fight viruses.

As you can see during the last frost, it's worth taking care of our onion in your home 😊. Soon we will share culinary information with you regarding interesting recipes. Stay tuned with us!

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