Since 1994, Mr. Jan Gerrit Feil is active in the onion market. Since January 1st 2012 we work under the name FH TRADE Sp. z o. o.
FH Trade controls the sales and transport of its products from peeler to its final user. Through this close cooperation FH Trade is well aware of actual developments in the Polish and West-European onion market. FH Trade collects all the international agricultural know-how in order to maintain a firm grip on each stage of the onion production process. If you are searching for an excellent onion just the way you like it, we provide the product you are looking for.

Own Crop

With its know-how of seeds, seedlings and crop protection products, FH Trade in Poland provides a high quality product. FH Trade is responsible for the controlled cultivation of onions in Poland where big plots of agricultural land are available for this purpose. The onions are selected according to quality with modern Western technology.


FH Trade sells hand peeled onions. Through the high productivity, we can deliver fast and we always have a fresh quality product. Through the high turnover of our peelers we can guarantee a fresh product. We can peel various types of onions and supply them both, sorted according to size and type, or unsorted. Subsequently, they are packed in quantities ranging from 1 to 1.000 kilograms.
Besides the yellow onions, we can supply red onions, shallots, pickles and organic onions peeled according to the highest market standards.
We can also deliver frozen onions. We will freeze the onions according to your wishes and requirements. Several onion varieties are available. For frozen onions we are able to supply packages ranging from 1 to 400 kilograms. Of course, on request these packages can be supplied with printed text.

FH Trade sells its products mainly to countries in North-West Europe. We can respond quickly and efficiently, as our staff has personal contact with the customers. We are international oriented and know what happens in the Polish and West-European onion market. At all stages from processing of raw material through the delivery of finished products, quality control is paramount. We have excellent communication between all organizations. Production, transport and delivery will be linked to one another. All our deliveries are from door to door.

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FH Trade controls the sales and transport of all products; from peeler to its customers. This is in close cooperation with other factories in Poland. FH Trade is responsible for its agronomy and the production of its peeled products. Through the close cooperation, FH Trade knows exactly what happens in the Polish and West-European market.

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